Thursday, December 20, 2018

This is How We Live in the Town

When I was young I had a book called This is How We Live in the Town. I don't remember a thing about it except the pictures and the title, but it sprang to mind this weekend when I experienced some of the joy that comes with neighborliness.

Last week, my dog ate chocolate. In the past, I've used hydrogen peroxide as an emetic to make dogs throw up in cases like this. I was all out, so I called a neighbor. Not only did Durand bring me some, but he went to the grocery store for it! In Scatchet Head, which is second only to Baby Island in its magical ability to be stupendously far away from everything, that's a testament to his generosity.

Over the weekend, I was making a giant holiday dinner for my extended family when I realized I had rapidly browning pie crusts and no foil with which to cover them. I posted an entreaty on the neighborhood Facebook page and within 45 seconds, my neighbor Tara showed up with a roll of Reynolds Wrap.

That same day, Nico stopped by to ask for help putting his ducks to bed when he was called away on urgent business. After a feast, my mom and dad and I walked across the street and herded Daisy and Ernie into their hutch in the waning light. I felt lucky to know Nico, and to get a moment with Daisy and Ernie, and to be able to give and receive with such ease in my sweet little community.

This is how we live in the town.

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  1. I feel lucky to have you and your familly and mister K as friends and neighbors
    All the little things you do, contribute to improve our neighborhood so I would say :
    Marnie you shine !


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