Wednesday, December 12, 2018

2018 Reflections

Sarri Gilman‚ a program leader at the Whidbey Institute and an expert on boundaries, shared some questions for end-of-year reflection in a recent newsletter. I enjoyed thinking about the topics she raised, and while I didn't do the journaling exercise verbatim I did spend some time reflecting on my relationships, my work, my health, and my finances. Overall, I'm proud of how 2018 went and eager to greet the new year!

In the relationships realm, I am happily in love. I love his emotional availability, his communication skills, his empathy, and his kindness to me, my kids, my animals, and others. I'm getting better at expressing my needs and wants and recognizing what's mine and what's not mine to fix or change in others. I am proud of my kids, one of whom graduated in 2018, and so glad that my animal family is happy and healthy. The sudden loss of my beloved Fenway Bartholomule in June was the dark spot in an otherwise joyous year, and even that came with the blessing that his passing was instant and apparently painless.

At work, I'm extraordinarily proud of the whole Whidbey Institute team. We're two years into a $4.5 million capital campaign, our lodging has nearly doubled, we're holding more programs and welcoming more program participants than ever before for the important work of transforming in response to the interconnected social, environmental, and moral challenges of our world today.  I'm also thrilled with our newest team members, Meg and Sommer, who will help make our continued evolution possible.

In the health realm, I miss boxing and exercising (Shawn T, your DVDs are growing dusty on the shelf). Trying to write a memoir has gotten in the way of my exercise routines, and I know the new year will bring some needed changes in that regard. I've already made a small change, parking my car further from the office, on the assumption that a twice-daily walk will be a good start. Otherwise, I feel good. I just got a CBC during my annual wellness exam and I'm happy to say that all of my bloodwork came back looking good.

Financially, I think about the big expenses of 2018 that threw off my budget and I can say that it was all money well spent—a ductless heat pump, a new washer and dryer, a dishwasher, a propane range, new brakes, Brodie's veterinary care for Cushings disease and diabetes, Dahlia's treatment for a severe eye infection, and the purchase of Rosie, a companion for Dahlia. Vet bills will keep coming, but I think 2019 will be a good year for house costs. The heat pump really is ridiculously efficient, and the energy savings are HUGE. Fingers crossed—let's assume that 2019 will be a "steady as she goes" year for my wallet.

I used to write an annual State of the Farmlet Address, and it was hard after we left Bent Barrow Farm and especially after we left Greenbank. How was I to write, without a farmlet? Now, I feel liberated again as a writer and I can safely say that there will be a 2019 State of the Ark Address flowing off my fingertips next month.

Thanks, readers, for sticking with me. 2019 is going to be a good year.

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