Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Susan, Susan, Susan, Susan, and Kate

photo credit greenbrier aussies

As longtime readers may remember, I have a thing for Susans. I have blogged about my Susans before—women who have been meaningful as mentors, friends, and elders. Dear Susans—I love you. 

I also have a thing for Kate—one Kate in particular, board chair of the Whidbey Institute and co-president of the Marnie and Kate Mutual Admiration Society. 

I've been actively dreaming lately, and each morning I wake up with a thrilling dream adventure to retell. My nocturnal subconscious rambles provide extensive opportunities for conversation with my boyfriend and for self-analysis. Lately, I've even been having dreams which I believe to be my subsconscious mind's attempts to resolve what my conscious mind thinks my boyfriend's subconscious mind might be wrestling with—that is, I've been exploring his favorite landscapes and private longings in my sleep. 

A couple nights ago, I had a delightfully lighthearted dream in which I met a litter of Australian Cattle Dog puppies. Australian Cattle Dogs are the pinnacle of dogdom—they're smart, loyal, strong, brave, energetic, beautiful, squishy, sweet-smelling, and adorable. I cannot go on enough about how much I love puppies in general and this breed in particular. 

In my dream, the puppies all had names. Their names were Susan, Susan, Susan, Susan, and Kate.

If a female Australian Cattle Dog ever comes into my life again, I think I know what I'll be naming her. Kate Susan4 Jackson, are you out there? 

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