Thursday, November 8, 2018

It's Possible

I bought a journal with this cover a couple of years ago because I have a tattoo of a flying pig on my back, and because it's my favorite shade of teal. The message—"it's possible"–was fine. The pigs were what I was really after.

My tattoo represents forgiveness, and thinking the best of people. When my first daughter was an infant I was really frustrated with her dad, and he gave her a Balinese crib angel in the form of a carved wooden pig with wings. The pig came to represent a lot of things, including the power of love and the futility of thinking anyone "should" do, think, or be anything other than what is. He and I became cooperative co-parents, and the crib angel became my second tattoo after the one of Mirri, my late great heart dog. 

I like the message—it's possible. A world in which animals are no longer enslaved in factory farms—it's possible. A just and equitable human future, in ecological balance with the planet—it's possible. A career that feels more like play than work—it's possible, and I'm grateful every day for it. A dying dog turned back from the brink of death, shining and thriving again—it's possible, and Brodie proved it. A joyful and unconditionally loving relationship—it's possible, and we are celebrating our second anniversary this week. 

Don't stop hoping.


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