Sunday, October 28, 2018


About five years ago, I was working as a Humane Society of Skagit Valley employee and a 90 year-old friend of mine was looking for a dog. I've match-made before, connecting the right dogs with the right humans time and time again, but this was a special opportunity. I knew how greatly my friend needed the companionship of a dog as her mobility grew increasingly limited, and I knew how much love and lap-time her potential adoptee was in for. I connected P. and G. (names withheld for the family's privacy), and the rest was history.

I promised G. then that if ever P. needed somewhere to go—a possible reality whenever you're in your 90s and adding to the family—I'd be there. In G.'s last days, I was on call, ready to scoop P. up and get her to her next home when the moment came.

G. and P. brought a tremendous amount of love into one another's lives while they were together, and when G. passed away she was at home, with P. in bed beside her where she belonged. I'm grateful that my friend Jules stepped up and provided immediate foster care for P., sparing her the rambunctious chaos of my three-dog, two-cat, three-rabbit, two-kid home. Jules lost a beloved elder dog a year ago, and P. lost her beloved elder human just this month. They've been a great comfort to one another.

Jules has realized she's not the right long-term human for P., due to her busy lifestyle and P.'s longing for more lap time. Luckily, Jules found a fantastic family that we both like and trust very much, and P. is going to be spending time with them on trial starting next weekend.

Every dog who has ever passed through my hands on their way to someone new—Story, Eben, Djembe, Benni, Noel, Joey, Stoney, P.—can always come home again. I just love it when they don't have to, because they end up somewhere even better.

Happy trails, P. Thank you for bringing so much joy into the life of my good friend.


  1. How has it worked out with P and her new family? 9 years ago, my elderly friend lost her cat and wanted a new one. She and her son spent time looking online at older cats available at the Humane Society but then her son had to go to Toronto. Meanwhile, another friend took her to the Society and they brought home a kitten! It wasn't an ideal fit. The cat was not a lap cat and my friend couldn't bend over to do things with her, but they rubbed along for several years. At the time of getting the cat, a number of friends had said they would take the cat if something happened, but when the time finally came, those friends had faded into the woodwork. I couldn't take another cat and I wondered what we were going to do with this quite grumpy animal. In my old neighbourhood, there is a fabulous, active, and lively FB page, so I posted on there that I needed a home for a grumpy cat. Within 10 minutes I had a FABULOUS home for her--better than the one she had had!! They had no problem with her being grumpy and were happy to have her. Last I heard, she was ruling the roost. I was so relieved and happy that she found a good home, and I think her behavioural challenges may improve as well. I hope my two would be as lucky if anything happened to me.

  2. Yesterday was their first day on trial together so I'm eager to hear how it went! I am very hopeful that it will be a fantastic fit!

    I'm happy to hear your story, Karen. As my friend Garyn used to say, "there's a seat for every ass." There's a home for every grumpy cat, too . . .


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