Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Somewhere over yonder

This is FarmWife's view from her new bed, before lifting her head from the pillow. 

Usually there is a dog face or two blocking her line of sight, but never mind that. The dogs will move when asked to. 

There, over yonder, where the young green alders grow, there shall be constructed by FarmHusband a shed of the most glorious design. Its Dutch doors shall look out upon these French doors, providing the most beneficial intercultural collaboration of portal design known to man or mule. Without lifting her head from her pillow, FarmWife shall look upon my splendor and glory and know that I am hungry for breakfast. She will see, because of the way I stare with goggly eyes in the direction of her bedchamber. 

Behind the shed, through the woods, a swath of clear space shall be made to let me meander up the hill and into the glory of the upper pasture, that being at present a series of clearings which need only weed whacking and fencing in order to be made ready for my arrival. They are roughly situated behind the glowy, sunlit bit of forest in this photo. 

It will be perfect. 


  1. Oh Fenway, your prose has been sorely missed!

  2. Oh, how wonderful! Best of luck to the builders! :)


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