Thursday, July 31, 2014

I love my Granny

Most mothers will take you in when you need a place to stay.

Great mothers will also take your animals in when they need a place to stay.

Phenomenal, transcendent mothers will take you, your husband, your daughters, your mules, your dogs, your cats, your rabbits, and your goat in when you all need a place to stay—and then buy your goat a snappy outfit.

It's great having the whole family together again now that our humans have joined us at Granny's farm! You may recall that we beasts of hoof and claw came here over a month ago, and the humans went on a series of housesitting adventures.

We get one week together here in Oak Harbor, then close on the house we're buying. Maybe we can name it Fenway Farm?


  1. I think that is a great name!

  2. YES! YES! Definitely! Very excited to see you all together on your own place soon, and I'm sure you are too, although the Grandmother is indeed a special person for allowing all and sundry the temporary digs. :-)


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