Saturday, April 26, 2014

Some updates for my friends and loved ones

First, let me say that I've heard from New England and other corners of the world that there are fans of the Muleness who worry what will happen to the many animals of Bent Barrow Farm during our transition. Fear not! We are all going to Coupeville together, even if it means we have to caravan. (Human Granny Joan . . . your trailer is being requisitioned. Fair warning.)

There has been a transition in our family: Kevin, the darling and adored Chief Cockatiel of Bent Barrow Farm, has moved to Sumas to live with a family where he gets more love, more attention, more time, more energy, and more lovin' (from two cockatiel wives)! He was simply too lonely being here in our home while the humans were away.

I am selling all of my things, but it's for a good cause: since I am a Pasture Sound Mule, an esteemed status to be sure, I can do without the accoutrements of a sporting life! The proceeds from the sale of my things will go toward transitional boarding costs, should they arise. An ideal solution would be a farm on the outskirts of Coupeville, with room for all, but I am willing to live in a hired facility for some time if the need arises. FarmWife says she will ALWAYS be mine, whether we live together or apart.

Arrietty is coming. Russell Wilson is coming. Missy, should she live to see the day, is coming.* Beyonce and Harriet are coming. Clover is coming. Townes and Desmond are coming.≠ The humans are coming. Like pioneers, we shall journey forth together and, together, seize the best of what the future has to offer.

* Missy is getting pretty darned old. Her arthritis has become nearly debilitating, bute and all, but as long as she eats well and indulges in the occasional frolic, FarmWife feels she values life. Time will tell.

≠Townes has succumbed to the terrors of Urinary Crystals, which basically means that he pees rocks and is in something ranging from mild to extreme discomfort at all times. The humans are doing their best to help their housetiger along through these travails. Prescription diets and pain meds are the name of the game. Litterbox aversion has become a primary issue, and his indoor-only-on-account-of-the-songbirds life has been shifted to mostly-outdoors-on-account-of-the-stench life. Also, the vet feels he'll be better hydrated outdoors. Your wisdom on this difficult topic, should you choose to share it, is welcome.


  1. Farmwife...the reason for the move? if i may so boldly ask.

  2. I wish Fenny and his family the best of luck. Marnie, best wishes and much love!
    Bif and Lesli

  3. Check your cat food. The Urinary Crystals develop in Male Cats MOSTLY, (Not always but males are prone to them). Feed cat food that has the least amount of ASH content. My dogs are girls, and my cats are boys! I had a bout with one of my male cats and this is what my vet recommended. ASH CONTENT in cat food is the main culprit ofr Urinary Crystals.

  4. Don't feed the next kitty any kibble. :) Canned or raw, and they will never get urinary crystals. Cats are meant to get their fluids through what they eat, not by drinking. They cannot even drink enough to compensate for the lack of fluids in kibble.


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