Monday, April 21, 2014

I'm moving to the big city!

FarmWife tells me we're moving to Coupeville, Washington. It's a big city by my standards. 400 kids in the elementary school!

FarmWife and the humans are busy as all get-out getting this beautiful, highly-desirable little farm ready to list. (If ever you wanted a starter farm in the country, by golly, this is your chance!)

I've caught the adventuring bug, and have been exploiting FarmWife's distracted condition by leaning on fences, testing boundaries, and overleaping small barriers. She is torn: make expensive improvements to the fencing, when other projects appear to take priority, or lock me in my sacrifice paddock until we sell and go? I feel I walk a dangerous line, but the green grass of spring compels me not to take heed.

Until I am barred from it, the sweet grass will be my solace.


Coupeville, Washington (photographed by FarmWife during her commute)


  1. Wow I had to google it, as I never heard of this town, and I live in the neighboring state of Oregon! LOL Good luck on your move. You will be an oceanside equine! :)

  2. Best of luck with the move and a new home...can a mule go into a boarding barn? Really?


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