Sunday, December 29, 2013

Whoops. Sorry about that.

Well, my twelve days of Christmas thing sure fell flat. It is just so hard for FarmWife to find time for blogging with her dear old mule when she's also busy with three jobs, three kids, and a house.

Here's my new years resolution: I may not be the one of the world's best bloggers anymore, but I do resolve to continue to be one of the world's best mules.

And, if anything awesome happens, I promise I'll tell you. I still love you more than words can bray.

Fenway Bartholomule.


  1. Fenway, I don't know mules so well, but based on my donkey friends, I'm thinking maybe if you're quiet, you're busy, and more or less content. Love hearing from you, but really, you're a mule: you owe us nothing. And FarmWife is busy too. It's true, she should be at your beck and call, but maybe she is training a child to take useful transcription of your thoughts?

  2. We love you regardless, Fenny and Farmwife. Mother knows what it is like to fall behind...



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