Sunday, November 10, 2013

Pigs Peace Sanctuary

FarmWife passed one of the most enjoyable afternoons in recent memory with the 190+ porcine residents of Pigs Peace Sanctuary in Stanwood, Washington. There, she saw a barnyard which was notably cleaner than her own, beautiful rolling green pastures full of happy, romping oinkers, a harmonious herd of big and small, old and young, white and black, sleek and fat, slow and fast pigs. She met a pig who had been born with three legs. She met pigs that weighed more than me, Fenway Bartholomule. She met pigs who slept so deeply in their orchard grass beds that all one could see were little snorkel-snouts sticking out of the hay.

If you are ever in need of some inspiration to value animal lives alongside your own, visit Pigs Peace Sanctuary. It makes it ever so clear that you humans and we equines are co-citizens with our fellow sentient earthlings.



  1. Some were pet potbellied pigs who were abandoned once they got older, some came from hoarding situations, some jumped off auction-bound trucks, some escaped from pork industry farms.

  2. What a great place <3 I love pigs, and know a rescued potbellied pig who only has one ear!


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