Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Happy birthday to me!

It's International Mole and Mule Day, the day when chemists the world over celebrate Avogadro's number while Friends of the Muleness celebrate me, Fenway Bartholomule! Did you know I turned 19 this month? We don't know the date, so the 23rd must do.

 This year, FarmWife "works six days a week" Jones honored the moment with two pears and a quick ear rub. Ho, hum. You know who REALLY came through for me today? Lynda at Simple Relief! She sent me a big care package full of my favorite products. (I'll tell you a really embarrassing truth: I used to have the grossest dandruff on my dock before I started getting my tail moistened with Simple Relief Detangle & Shine.)

I know I've been falling down on the blogging job lately, but bear with me. I love and value each of my readers—nay, I shall call you my friends. I will write when I can, but in the meantime know that I am well and well-loved! FarmWife is busy working here and here, but don't doubt that she is well too.


  1. 19? Still just a young man, and looking very handsome too!

  2. Looks like you enjoyed a spa day for your Birthday!


  3. Fenway! I didn't know that you and my muse were exactly the same age! Storm's birthday was the 25th of October, and I thought it was funny that you both got pears in honor of the day, except that he got three :)


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