Friday, June 14, 2013

Who's the badass?

Now THAT's a confused llama. Not my image.
I found it on,
which probably found it somewhere else. 
I was taking a look at the recent searches that led folks to Brays of Our Lives dot com (and yes, people, I do see what you type into Google so please keep your strangest queries to yourselves!) Here are some highlights:

Confused llamas
Furry question mark
Looks like we have a badass here
Advantages of riding donkeys

نقاشی پنجره

That last one had me pretty excited, as I was sure it would translate as "mount of the gods" or "equine who surpasses all others and breathes the fire of heaven from his majestic nostrils". Turns out it's Persian for "window painting." 

Ah, well. 

A window would look nice with me painted on it. 


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