Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Steel yourselves

Dear Readers,

I, Fenway Bartholomule, cordially invite you to steel yourselves against an onslaught of beautiful, affectionate, darling pets, all in desperate need of loving homes, before visiting This is a website for which FarmWife is newly responsible. She's been busy getting all of their deserving dogs, cats, bunnies, and birds listed online these past few weeks, and that's my excuse for the long silence. Know that in the meantime I have been well. Yes, I have had to pass many lonely hours without FarmWife's company, but at least I've passed them with Missy and Arrietty and with mouth buried in hay. I'm nearly ready to unveil Summer Coat 2013, which is due to be just as shiny and splendiferous as Summer Coats 2012 and 2011 were, and Arrietty is about ready to unveil her wonderful new Fetching Tag! It reads, "A.G. Teaspoon" on one side and "Short & Sweet" on the other. We also have new chicks to show off ("homemade, not storebought," as the human children say) thanks to the efforts of Honey, a broody Buff Orphington, and there will be hikes and adventures of which to tell in the very near future.

In the midst of this busy time, let me say that there is not a one among us here on Bent Barrow Farm who could be happier, healthier, or more thoroughly grateful for the patience and friendship of you, our beloved blog readers.


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