Thursday, April 4, 2013

What a week!

I got to spend most of my week with the one and only Granny J-Bone, FarmWife's human mother and famed animal lover, who took time out from her own life to petsit here at Bent Barrow Farm. She is the very same Granny who offered up her Volkswagen Vanagon for the transportation of Miss Arrietty G. Teaspoon on her voyage across the mountains last spring, and the very same Granny who helped fund the purchase of Yours Truly because, as she once put it, mules are "better than Prozac" (and probably more effective). She is probably one of only a handful of humans that FarmWife trusts completely to take good and proper care of we furred and feathered citizens of Bent Barrow Farm.

FarmWife, meanwhile, went on a trip with the human family to the Happiest Place on Earth: Disneyland (and the adjacent park, Disney California Adventure) in Anaheim, California. While at Disneyland, FarmWife saw three draft horses which she took to be a Shire, a Belgian, and a Brabant. All were in exquisite condition, pulling lovely vehicles full of overjoyed children and their overtired parents.

The trip was a present from FarmWife's parents-in-law, my other human Grandparents, who went along too and who had an equally marvelous time. You may remember them as the Grandparents-Who-Always-Bring-Carrots, which leads me to my two complaints: why was I not invited too, and why were there no carrots in the returning luggage?

FarmWife went into the Disneyland experience thinking it would be a good time for the kids and a tolerable one for the adults, but do you know what? She LOVED it. The attention to detail apparent throughout the Disney parks was wonderful for her to see, and the cheerful demeanor of all Disney cast members was enough to blot away the didn't-get-a-new-job-blues for a few days, at least. Now, she's returned to a wildly green spring, a 9th anniversary (yesterday), a child's birthday (today), and some exciting new prospects on the job hunt horizon. We're going to be just fine.


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