Monday, April 15, 2013

The circle of life!

♫ Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaants ingonyama . . . . bagithi baba. Sithi uhhmm ingonyama . . . . . the circle of life! 

This weekend, the circle of life on Bent Barrow Farm began again with the annual spreading of the compost. My decomposed manure will breath sweet life into this year's carrots, still dormant in their tiny seeds. In July and August, I will ingest them with great smacking enjoyment, thereby continuing the cycle. The carrots, the compost, and I will life on forever this way, one harmonious example of the wonder that is nature's design. 

FarmWife says the circle would be complete if I would learn to pull a little plow and do some of the weeding myself, to which I say this: pull I shall not, but show me your weeds and I will eat them for you. 


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