Thursday, April 25, 2013

Opportunity knocks

FarmWife usually gets updates from LinkedIn about jobs for which she may be qualified: communications manager, editor/writer, content developer, event planner, development director, what have you. She sometimes finds these tips useful, though to tell you the truth most of her job leads come from (she's head over heels in love with working in the non-profit sector).

As for me, I just got an update from LinkedIn letting me know that I am qualified to apply for a position in Seattle as a senior systems engineer. I looked it up, and it sounds like my responsibilities would be mostly around exploring possible solutions to various problems. I could do that! Example: Fence is between me and grass. Fence is a problem. I squash fence. Fence is not a problem. My certificate of graduation from the School of Hard Knocks, along with my advanced study in the abatement of delicious grasses, should make me an especially attractive candidate. 

FarmWife immediately posted this to her Facebook account after seeing the update: "My mule just got an email inviting him to apply for a senior systems engineer position. Our financial worries are over! With Fenny working 9 to 5, I can relax." Of course, her more practical friends raised a bunch of potential issues. What would I wear? Would it be prohibitively expensive to outfit me in professional attire? How could I get to Seattle for the job interview? Would we need to rent a truck and trailer? 

I'm more concerned with the on-the-job details. Would my office be equipped with a manger? Trough? Sandpit for rolling? Would I get benefits? Health, dental, coverage for annual sheath cleanings? 

There's so much to consider.


I went looking for tailored suits for the large, tall, wide, and four-legged. All I found was this. 

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