Wednesday, April 10, 2013

An exciting package

My weight's back up, my abscess has healed, my white lines are healthier, and my troublesome hock has been cool and hard for nearly two years. FarmWife says this means one very exciting thing: I have permission to go out on the hills again. She and my vet agree that a little more low-impact exercise could do me a world of good, especially when it comes to the big tummy/weak topline business. Tomorrow, FarmWife expects an exciting package including two new gaiters to hold on my EasyBoot Epics, which fell into disrepair many months ago. They need new parts, and I can't go up the gravel roads without them. We've all been waiting eagerly for this day! 

FarmWife says we will start with a stroll up to the pipeline and see how that does us. I say I would like to go to Tonasket. She says maybe to Ennis Creek. I say maybe to Mexico via the Pacific Crest Trail. She says maybe up to our favorite viewpoint (pictured) on the flanks of Lyman Hill. It is twenty minutes from home. 

We will compromise by doing what she suggests while dreaming of what I suggest. 

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