Thursday, March 14, 2013

What vibrant colors you render, Mr. Camera!

My two youngest human fillies riding Woodland Park Zoo's 1918 PTC
carousel. Long-time readers will know that FarmWife has a wee carousel
fetish, and you can assume that she was all a-twitter about this one.

I know what you're thinking. "That isn't the sort of dark, blurry photo that FarmWife could have taken with her cheap camera phone." No, it isn't, and do you know how this is possible? A dear friend of the Muleness read my recent disclaimer (the one that read "pardon the outdated photos, our camera is broken") and sent FarmWife a new camera with which to capture all the beauty that Bent Barrow Farm can afford! Can you believe it? It is a splendid gift. 

We haven't had a truly beautiful day in Wickersham with which to capture my splendor since the device arrived, save for one which the family squandered by going to the zoo, but at least now I can reassure you as to the state of things that have transpired since the old Canon went kaput. 

Here is my youngest human filly admiring a Woodland Park Zoo donkey,
who was one of the most cheerful and uplifting inmates. Some might
find it funny that the family left their mules for the day to go see
wild creatures and spent half the time ogling the domestic equines,
but what can I say? I've made longear lovers of them all. 

Here is Arrietty leading her legion of schoolgirls on an after-school weight
loss hike. (Hopefully, the girls won't lose weight: 'Etty is the only one of
them that can spare a pound or two.) As you can see, Arrietty knows that
all athletes require adequate calories for peak performance. 

This is me, looking a bit more dejected than I actually feel, demonstrating
that my weight loss has been reversed now that I am
eating a calorie rich diet of my own. 
Missy says she will open a kissing booth to help pay for
my senior feed. "Mwah!" If you've never smelled goat
breath, give it a chance: it smells like a nice hoppy IPA,
since their rumens are like little breweries. 

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