Sunday, March 3, 2013

Shelter dogs

Raise your hand if you, too, enjoy shopping Petfinder and thinking about that perfect shelter dog—even when you don't actually have room in your home for another. My girls and I stop at the local animal shelter a few times a year just to look around, rub some heads, play with some kittens, and say a few "I wishes" and "If onlys". I always leave these walk-throughs feeling a little selfish. I get the pleasure of seeing some wonderful pets, all of them beautiful and deserving, while they get only the heartbreak of another missed chance.

One of the shelter dogs I walked last week.
Rumor has it this one found a home!
Last week, I decided there was a compromise between the coldness of "window shopping" and the  present impracticality of adopting. I signed up as a volunteer, and spent four hours on Tuesday morning walking some wonderful dogs. It was GREAT! I got all the pleasure of seeing the wonderful pets and none of the guilt of breaking their sweet little hearts, one after another. I made a dozen dogs very, very happy for twenty minutes each, and left with a dozen new friends. If I'm lucky, I'll see them again next Tuesday. If I'm even luckier, I'll arrive to the news that they've found new homes.


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