Sunday, March 10, 2013

Panacur addict

This is the pipeline trail, where I used to go with Jasper Jules and where Arrietty now goes with a legion of after school hikers. 
Well, Arrietty is going to be awfully sad that this five day Panacur Powerpac business is over. She really likes the stuff, as evidenced by the fact that yesterday she stole a full tube that had been lying close to the fence (the better for to deworm ME with, once I was haltered) and slurped down 500 pounds worth before FarmWife could stop her! Luckily, the vet assured FarmWife that Panacur is tough to overdose on. Arrietty is going to have to stay off the stuff, lest it take control of her life and leave her strung out, wasted, and washed up.

As for me, I'm not really liking it a bit. I have loose stools today, which has FarmWife in a state of hand-wringing worry. She hopes that it is evidence of an encysted strongyles infestation (dead, now), which is something one can't test for in a fecal egg count. Anyway, she's glad this five day treatment of strong antiparasitic drugs is done now. She is nervous about using such strong medications.

Arrietty, meanwhile, is chipper as all get-out and having a fabulous time on her daily weight loss walks. So far, she has led a gaggle of school girls on several adventures to places such as the pipeline, the concrete bridge, Innis Creek, and the Salmon Pond. (You may remember this latter destination as the place where I discovered a passion for cheese and mustard sandwiches, but do not fear: Arrietty's only gourmet rewards for her efforts are a few timothy pellets and the occasional stolen bite of trailside foliage.)


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