Friday, March 29, 2013

Near miss
Zebra on the side of a U-Haul truck
We have been abuzz at Bent Barrow Farm for some number of weeks with the prospect of Going Elsewhere for Work. There was a certain Elsewhere, and certain Work, under discussion, and the particular Elsewhere in question would have been fine—very nice, full of grasses and farmlets and things. It would have beat the sort of Big City Elsewheres that are sometimes mentioned when humans talk of careers and professions and what not. It would not, however, have been Bent Barrow Farm.

Of course, a mule who is privy to news of such vague prospects would be indiscreet if he mentioned it on his terribly famous blog, so it is not until today that I feel at liberty to tell you about my near miss. I came within a hair's breadth of being taken away from Bent Barrow Farm in my Granny's gooseneck trailer, a pony mule on one side of me and a crotchety goat on the other, with the humans, rabbits, dogs, cats, cockatiels, and chickens caravanning behind.

Today, it has been resolved once and for all that we are NOT leaving Bent Barrow Farm at the present time. I admit, I could have gotten behind the idea of some extra carrot cash and a chance at new adventures, but here is the good news: Wickersham is green and delicious this time of year. FarmWife is continuing to work mostly as a contract editor and stay-at-home-hay-tosser, which means she is at my beck and call just about all day, every day. Her office window is right up there, at a perfectly bray-able distance, and about to be dappled in green by the newly unfolding leaves of the tree outside it.

There is no place better than Bent Barrow Farm on a sunny spring morning, and FarmWife-who-did-not-take-a-new-job-today would be well advised to soak up some of the beauty, joy, and freedom that abounds here.


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