Thursday, March 7, 2013

Fen Bend A Soul

Arrietty and I are on day two of five of a Panacur Powerpac treatment. While I have been on a regular deworming schedule, my vet feels like it wouldn't hurt to knock out some of the sneakier bugs with a heavy-duty antiparasitic regimen, so we're each taking a double dose of fenbendazole every day through Monday.

FarmWife was worried about how we would take it—after all, getting a squirt of nasty paste once every couple of months is quite different from getting one every day for a week! Luckily, we're two days into the treatment and there's happy news to report. Arrietty and I both LIKE Panacur paste! Arrietty, in fact, slurped on the end of yesterday's syringe once it was emptied, trying to lick up every last morsel of the medicine. FarmWife is now sure that she will have no trouble finishing our dewormer series.

By the way, if you ever forget the name of the active ingredient of Panacur you can use this tricky memory aid: just think of me, Fenway Bartholomule, shaping the spirits of my friends and family towards gladness, goodness, and joy—lifting them skyward, making them sing. Fen Bend A Soul.


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