Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Better than a treadmill!

The pasture fence is mended, the barn is divided, and we of the barnyard have new routine: after breakfast, Missy and I go graze on the tender grasses of spring while Arrietty paces back and forth in her smaller paddock like a caged tiger. Theoretically, the pounds will melt away under the influence of this inadvertent exercise regime, but it's still a little sad.
Arrietty in the pasture during
less grassy times 

FarmWife feels sorry about Arrietty's restrictions, but what else is the owner of a fat pony mule to do? Arrietty does get the occasional brief adventure in yonder field, but until she slims down a bit we cannot trust her on grass. Letting Arrietty founder would be a tragedy we could not bear.

FarmWife thinks the answer is to take Arrietty on lots of little adventures so that she will be too tired to fret about the abandonment by her herd at home. This afternoon, FarmWife will lead a H.E.L.P.* outing on yonder hill, and I will be the one abandoned. I will bear it with dignity (and with a face full of grass).


*Hiking Expeditions for the Lovably Plump—meaning Clover and Arrietty, our two fat little darlings.

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