Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Dear Friends

Money troubles? Phllllbttttt! 
Dear Friends,

Thank you for all your many expressions of concern as to my well being. I'm currently feeling pretty good, staying pretty active, and appearing in stable condition (no more water out of the nose, so perhaps that was a fluke!). I'm eating like a prince—Equine Senior, timothy pellets, oats, and free choice orchard grass hay—and no longer losing weight. My next vet visit will involve bloodwork, a dental exam, and a fecal egg count. FarmWife is working on getting Missy over to my side of the fence and Arrietty over to the other, now that I am in the "hard keeper" camp. Arrietty is much too ponyish for a diet like mine!

Sadly, my next vet visit has been postponed because of an even more pressing development—Clover, my shiny little weasel dog, has a broken molar! It is split down the middle, right up into her gum, and smells like rotten fish. She must have a great deal of pain, and so FarmWife made the terrible choice to postpone my dental work in favor of Clover's. (FarmWife's own dental work, meanwhile, is permanently on hold!) Hopefully, we'll both have been fixed up by FarmWife's next payday.


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  1. Well Ears to you, my. Mum is posting for me as I had been worried, I have always thought you were quite a dapper Mule. Since me mom posts from a gadget phone she shows me your photo now and then and reads me your post in the barn. Glad you are feeling better! Please stop by one day, you will find me waiting for you at my moms post entitled Sarina in a Snow globe . Perhaps we can exchange nickers ...oh blushing meant to say "neighs"
    All the Best


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