Friday, January 25, 2013

Mules: the pros and cons

Mules, the pros:

  1. We have feet like rocks (present lameness notwithstanding)
  2. We have disproportionate strength and endurance
  3. We have glossy coats
  4. We keep tidy stalls
  5. We innately tend towards the preservation of life and limb, meaning we're unlikely to kill ourselves and you
  6. We are excellent judges of character
  7. We eat relatively little to stay relatively fat
  8. We have sonorous voices (see below)

Mules, the cons:

  1. We have sonorous voices, which may cause some neighbor issues unless you live in a village of music lovers
  2. We are addictive (see below)

Mules, the pros, continued:
  9.  We are addictive. The more, the better!

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