Tuesday, January 1, 2013


This New Years, I am not going to resolve to start jogging. I've tried it before, every January first for a string of years, and the upshot has always been that I hate jogging and that my knees do, to. This year, I resolve NOT to start jogging, but to keep doing the other healthy things I enjoy: hiking with my family, riding my mule (yes, I want to do more of that), lifting weights, and generally enjoying life. I also resolve to be grateful for the many good things in this life.

I probably should have done a gratitude series in November to coincide with Thanksgiving, but I didn't. My friend Garyn inspired me at that time with her list of gratitudes, though—it went on all month, and seemed like a wonderful exercise.

I'll start with some gratitude for my knees: thank you, knees, for doing everything I want you to do except jog. Jogging sucks anyway, so thank you for giving me an out from that unpleasant exercise. When the  doctor told me you would never hold up without ACL replacement surgery after the Galloping Irish Wolfhound incident, I decided not to believe him. Now, you're healthier than ever and 100% pain free under normal use. Good job.

Thank you, sun, for visiting Wickersham today! 

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