Friday, January 11, 2013

Diagnosis: probably an abscess.

Well, the diagnosis before the vet came was "probably an abscess but let's get the vet out to be sure." The diagnosis after the vet came is "probably an abscess, and although we can't find it let's not spend any more money until we give it a chance to blow out." I am made comfortable, all done up with bute, an iodine soak, a mineral poultice, and an EasyBoot. The vet removed my shoe and cleaned out my white line, which had grown diseased. Her prescription? Pea gravel in my stall, more aggressive trimming (to remove all dead sole and frog material), and no more shoes. This barefoot-to-shod experiment cannot be entirely blamed, as my white line was weak and subject to gravel intrusion even before I got shoes put on, but it certainly hasn't helped! Tuesday, Mr. Farrier comes out to remove my other shoe and trim me thoroughly all 'round (if I'm strong enough to bear weight on the bad hoof). If I am not improved by soaking, poulticing, and a good trim, then we'll think about a nerve block to isolate the pain to my hoof and a set of x-rays to rule out a fracture.

Luckily, I got a jar of Therapeutic Mineral Treatment as a birthday present from Simple Relief. This will make an excellent companion to the vet's prescription poultice material! I will be enjoying daily foot spas, drawing poultices, and such—the real luxury treatment, minus the eye cucumbers (I'd rather eat them).

I wonder if I can order a hot stone massage?


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