Thursday, January 17, 2013

An old list

I recently happened upon a list that I must have made in my junior year of college—a year when I was a pet owner, a single parent, a florist, a tutor, and a budding writer. I have always been a maker of lists, and love their power to simplify, solidify, and prioritize goals from the grand to the mundane. (A secret about me and mundane lists: when noting my daily to-dos, I have been known to write down the already finished tasks—feed mules, soak beans—just so that I can start the day with some items crossed off.)

The list that I happened upon listed my life priorities, at that time, and I think it probably stemmed from some feeling of uncertainty as to my post-college direction. It contained bullet points like "Animal Welfare," "Ecology/Conservation," "Natural Parenting," and "Social Justice." It looks like it could have had me going in for a career as a dog trainer, a park ranger, a midwife, a wetlands biologist, or a public defender. There was not a single interest on that 2001 list that isn't still with me today in one form or another, though none of those careers ultimately called me.

Writing is a wonderful pursuit for a person of wide but consistent interests. I am very comfortable in my own skin, and so have no qualms with sharing my inner life with you, my reader. I have no doubt that what I believe is right, good, true, and worthy of a couple hundred pages of elucidation via the written word. It's just a matter of time before I get those words on the page.


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