Saturday, December 22, 2012

The week in review

1) Happy Cloverversary! The humans brought home a chihuahua from the Alternative Humane Society exactly two years ago today, and from the moment she burst out of the gift box into their loving arms she has been a warm, wiggly, and wonderful addition to our big, happy family. FarmWife has elevated her to the status of Other Best Dog Ever, up there near Mirri the god-like Australian Cattle Dog and Russ the superhero lab mix. She is truly a mule among dogs.

2) Great goat! You may remember that Missy had a brush with death a couple of months ago due to her senility, arthritis, trouble holding weight, and generally depressed outlook on life. When her daughter, B.G., had to be put down because of crippling orthopedic disease (a long, sad story), FarmWife very nearly had Missy put down too. Well, she and the vet talked it over for an hour, pink juice in hand, and decided to give Missy a week or two. Do you know what? In that week, and in the seven or eight since, she has packed on pounds, gotten the spring back in her step, stopped hackling at invisible demons, and started gamboling and spring-sproinging like a kid again! Here is FarmWife's theory to explain this nearly inexplicable mystery: since nothing else has changed in her life, except the loss of the sad and uncomfortable herdmate across the fence, it must be that Missy's condition was dragged down by the weight of her companion's pain. Whether it was empathy or merely a sedentary lifestyle in the company of a sedentary friend that weighed on her, we cannot know. FarmWife does not doubt that the former is possible, though—perhaps Missy was holding vigil with her friend, waiting for an end to her suffering.

3) Yay, Solstice! The dreary darkness is going to leave soon, I can just feel it. This week, Santa will come (the reindeer ALWAYS share their carrots) and then . . . the crocuses!

4) I am sorry. FarmWife is doing day shifts in one place, night shifts in another, and a little freelance work on the side. I am getting the short end of the stick, but I know that you readers are too. I will work on getting some voice recognition software so that I can blog in her absence. In the meantime, no dice: you should have heard the lecture I got last time I set these muddy hooves on the MacBook.

It won't always be this busy.

Ears, with immense fondness, to you!


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