Friday, December 7, 2012

Have a holly jolly Christmas

While the weather is still slightly uncooperative, today's photo shoot went much better! This is mostly due to our fortuitous discovery of neighbor M & S's beautiful outdoor lighted tree, complete with big glowing presents. They welcomed us to their yard and we enjoyed the perfect stage for our second attempt at a holiday photo for this year's Christmas card.

Later, FarmWife made Clover nestle in a bed of tree limbs. The poor thing was nearly scared out of her shiny skin! FarmWife made light of the incident, singing, "scare the dog with boughs of holly," and Clover picked up her contagious festivity (and finally pricked her ears for a picture).

Ears, and brayful tidings, to you!


P.S. we are tied together because I have a rock solid response to the "stand" command and Arrietty, as of yet, does not. If she were to go traipsing away out of reach of FarmWife, I would have the sense and might to hold her back. FarmWife realizes that this would not be a safe arrangement with certain other beasts, but for us she trusts it as the best alternative to a leadrope-holding helper. Fine print: do not try this at home.

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