Sunday, December 30, 2012

A monumental shift

I just sat here and wrote a melancholy treatise on the failure of my relationship with FarmWife, but it was too dramatic to share on such an upbeat blog. I'm going to try again, boiling it down to a statement of the facts and a question to my readers.

The facts: FarmWife used to be my very best friend, and I adored her. Then she got me a miniature mule, Miss Arrietty G. Teaspoon. We ALL love Etty, and Etty loves us all. Etty loves FarmWife, and the children, and the goat, and me. As for me, I don't particularly like the humans at all anymore. They are good for food, and they were once good for companionship before I had an equine companion. Now I cannot be bothered with them at all.

FarmWife is a little bit grief stricken at this development (I now begrudge her even a touch of my hide unless I am haltered and forced to stand!). Do YOU know why I have soured so badly on people? Do you have advice for her, other than to spend time with me every day? Jean, of Anna Mule fame, does this sound like what has happened in your family?

Here is another important fact: NO ONE regrets getting Etty. She is our heart and our light.


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  1. Dear Fenway,

    I am so sorry that your special relationship with Farmwife is suffering a rough patch. Would you feel closer to Farmwife if she stayed in the barn with you (as Arrietty does)?

    It is possible that a good supplement might relieve winter aches and pains and bring back your patience and affectionate nature? Perhaps a strong light in the barn to offset seasonal affective disorder from the dark days?

    I suspect come spring and sunshine you will regain your good nature. Hardly anyone likes winter.

    Wishing you and Farmwife well,

    Your friend Judy.


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