Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Warning: badass

FarmWife and FarmHusband have been busily working away to turn their pukey mint green house into a cozy warm brown one. I dare to say they were inspired by the shining beauty of yours truly and Miss Arrietty, as the color they chose is something between the shade of her and the shade of me. Most ideal.

Today, FarmWife is walking around proudly, boastful about having painted the trim at the top of the first story. She stood on the stepladder at the level which reads "Danger: do not stand at or above this level."

FarmHusband, meanwhile, painted the second story with no trouble at all (nor any need to boast). He is a better-at-heights kind of a guy, but we can't all be good at everything. FarmWife has other strengths.

I will show you the house when it is done. You will love it.


P.S. FarmWife told me that someday I shall have board and batten siding for my little barn. It shall be painted "Foothills" (by Sherwin Williams) with "Fenland" trim. She told me this will happen after the human house gets a new porch, new windows, and new floors on the second story, so I expect I shall pass a good span of time with multi-colored salvaged metal siding. It's OK: I like its rainbow charm and the rat-a-tat of raindrops in the winter.

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