Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Hiking with Arrietty

My fat miniature animals—namely Clover and Arrietty—have jumped on the chance to do some invigorating trail hiking with FarmWife, and now go out every day for a brisk walk over hill and dale. FarmWife, who is neither fat nor miniature, has longer legs than the two of them put together but still comes back huffing and puffing. I secretly think that it is FarmWife who most needs to get fit with a daily uphill march, but I don't dare say so. There would surely follow some sort of comment about my gut, and who needs that?

I am invited on these walks, too, and sometimes go along. I am waiting on some new hoofboots before getting too involved in these gravel-road outings, but FarmWife promises they'll be in the budget soon.

FarmWife is fairly close to the realization that a walk in the woods at the side of a little bitty mule is just about as much fun as a ride in the woods on the back of a big one, which may spare me some hours of toil in the future. At the very least, it's a chance for her to stretch her own legs.


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