Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A very big change

There is a very big change happening right now: the smallest of my three human children is beginning full day, five day kindergarten.

FarmWife has been a parent since she was 20 years old. She has been pretty busy, most days, since then. She is not a "gets-it-all-done-with-time-to-spare" kind of mom, nor is she a "plays-imagination-games-for-endless-hours" kind of mom, but she is a "makes-dinner-every-day-and-usually-sweeps-the-floor-too" kind of mom. In this respect, her life won't change so dramatically—after all, there will still be hungry people coming home every afternoon and there will still be a floor (and a shedding Australian shepherd). She will probably not suddenly becomes a "gets-it-all-done-with-time-to-spare" person, despite her intentions to landscape the yard and train the mini mule and do more fencing and paint the house and organize the attic and remodel the porch. "FarmWife," I tell her, "I love you as you are. I will be happy if you merely pick up my poop."

Still, there will be some changes: with a long, lonesome day, FarmWife can do her freelance work before the children come home. This way, when she is with her family she can really be with her family instead of distracted by work. When she is not working, FarmWife can groom us (this she can do with her daughters) or clean our paddocks (this she can also do with her daughters) or ride me (this she cannot safely do with her daughters, so this is a very exciting prospect!) or drive Arrietty (this is merely a dream, but with Arrietty showing some aptitude it is a dream within reach).

FarmWife is borrowing a harness from her good friend J.N.C. in New England and Arrietty is already quite accustomed to meandering around on a longeline in surcingle and crupper. This week, she will begin learning to work properly on long lines.

I have asked FarmWife to promise to blog more, too, and also to start in again on the writing of her book. Her book, you see, is going to be partly if not mostly about the beauty and magnificence of me, Fenway Bartholomule. It's also going to be about good intentions, lucky coincidences, and happiness. It will be good.


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