Thursday, August 9, 2012


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1) a neighbor called this morning and said that FarmWife and her children ought to come pick his blueberries, which were weighing his bushes down to the ground. They picked about a gallon and the bushes looked just as fully loaded when they were done as when they had begun. I think this means it is time for the mules to be unleashed upon the bushes to do the rest. (FarmWife says that would be tacky, and that she was a guest, and that the animals were not asked along.)

2) FarmWife says I am too fat for big snacks like whole apples and carrots but that I can have little snacks like apple slices and carrot sticks. She also says that I can have one little pink treat per day from my good friend Jean in New England. They came in the mail and are delicious! To my friend Jean, my most brayful thanks.

3) The goats can reach the hay, and I cannot, but the goats' penalty for reaching the hay is that they never get a flake of their very own, but only the bites that they steal. I think that's fair.

4) FarmWife does nothing these days but work, work, work, but here is the fruit of her labor: money, which buys hay, which fills our barn until it nearly bursts. She is also proud to announce that she is bringing horses (and their human, from Healing Harvest Forest Foundation) to the Timber Framers Guild conference, the programming of which is what keeps her so busy. If you've ever wanted to learn about sustainable forestry and animal-powered selective logging, this is your big chance! She is so excited about this confluence of her personal and professional interests, she can't even begin to say. (You know you want to come. You just know it.)


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