Friday, August 3, 2012

Dear FarmWife

Dear FarmWife,

I know life is busier now that you're working full time. Thank you for having the foresight to have my barn open right onto the driveway, where you can bid me good morning and good night as you walk to and from the car!

Thank you for assembling a non-stick professional wardrobe, the better for to throw hay before work (do check your hair in the mirror, though. You're going to want to take care of that dangly thing there.)

Thank you for teaching your medium-sized daughters how to scoop up poop. My paddock still does need cleaning, even when you're busy!

Good luck teaching the littlest daughter to help, but in the meantime, thank you for teaching her which curry combs are NOT to be used on my ticklish bits, and what footwear is NOT to be worn in the paddock, and what the rules are regarding equines, children, and supervisory adults. I'm glad I can be groomed while you clean up around the garden.

Thank you for getting me a little muley friend. Arrietty makes the time pass in a most delightful fashion!

Thank you for cuddling us both morning and evening, before and after work, and for telling us we are beautiful, and for picking our hooves every day.

Thank you for arranging to do half of your work from home, where you can look out the window and see us shining in your pasture. We know the sight delights you, and that makes us happy.

Thank you for promising to use some of this new money for stuff like hay, Ivermectin, and Equisect. We don't particularly like swallowing dewormer and getting sprayed, but we like it better than being eaten by crawly bugs.

Thank your husband for me—this barn he built is really great, and I know it's going to make your winter chores easier.

Thank your father for installing a light so that you can always see me after work, even in the winter.

Thank you for blogging with me—I know you enjoy it as much as I do, but I'm grateful nonetheless.

Fenway Bartholomule

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  1. Fenway, you are particularly articulate today. I wonder if my equine friends have similar thoughts.


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