Monday, July 2, 2012

Two motheaten mules

To all of my friends who are too hot this week, let me bray for you. I know that some of you have been beset by fires, gale winds, and apocalyptic temperatures across the US! It isn't fair and I hope it isn't our new normal.

As for me, I haven't been too hot since August 2011. We still haven't had a proper summer day in Western Washington, which means that my dear Arrietty and I haven't yet bothered to entirely shed our winter coats. Me, I know what to expect (rainy June, nicer July, a week of heat in August) so I'm 90% there. I'm just hanging onto a few guard hairs on my belly. Miss Teaspoon, who is used to living on the east side of the mountains, doesn't know what to make of this misty moisty place where cloudy is the weather! She is still 60% fur, and what remains is coming out in patches. We would laugh if she wasn't too angelic to make fun of.

To the rest of you, all I can say is hang in there, stay hydrated, seek shade, and maybe, someday, come visit my cool green valley.


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