Friday, July 6, 2012


Do you guys remember the Ear Story? I got dozens of wonderful submissions when I asked you to explain the mysterious nick in my right ear. No, nothing so plain as a livestock tag . . . these were stories of adventure, intrigue, magic, and legend! The winner, by popular vote, was Special Delivery, the one true story of the ear.

Well, your chance to dramatize past horrors has come again! I would like interesting, insightful, absurd, or compelling tales about what may have happened to poor Arrietty's haunches. Something awful, I'm sure: she has parallel scars running down the back of her thighs, and a deep gash in the muscle of her right haunch.

Whomever can give me the most moving story of what happened to Miss Teaspoon's butt will win a Fenway Bartholomule bumper magnet, five Fenway Bartholomule notecards, and a thousand blown kisses. Four finalists will be chosen by me, Arrietty, and FarmWife on or around July 15 and put to a popular vote. Email your submissions to


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