Thursday, July 19, 2012

Morning agenda

8:00 am   Bray balefully
8:02 am   Receive one scant flake
8:04 am   Experience the daily Picking of the Hooves
8:20 am   Inhale the last microscopic morsels of hay
8:25 am   Roll luxuriantly (right side)
8:26 am   Rise, then re-roll (left side)
8:30 am   Graze upon the imaginary grasses
9:30 am   Experience the daily Currying
10:30 am Give rides to an under-muled urban child (a visiting friend)
11:00 am Watch the daily Lunging of Arrietty, who is fatter than me and who is learning to drive
11:25 am  Synchronized rolling, with Arrietty (right sides)
11:26 am  Synchronized rolling, with Arrietty (left sides)

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