Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Goats with pink horns, duck whispering, and moles

1) Pinkerton, the stray goat with pink horns: here he is, as promised. The animal shelter reports that he will move to New Moon Farm (a goat sanctuary) on Saturday.

2) Quacktacular success: Dylann, my middle human filly, has trained her duck Pickle to heel. Pickle adores Dylann, who spends time with him in the barnyard each day. Pickle runs to her feet and gently pecks them for attention whenever she emerges from the house. Pickle prefers Dylann to his ducky wives.

Meanwhile, Pickle's ducky wives (Princess Dewdrop and Junebug, respectively) don't care a bit for their human mistresses. The only difference? Time. Dylann has put in a lot of it, and it shows! We are all terribly proud of Dylann for being such a good duck whisperer. 

3) Goats, secret agents, and villany: one day, FarmWife came home to a terrible scene of devastation and disorder. The goats, by some trickery, had gained access to the garbage and pulled it into their stall! This was inconceivable

A little investigation revealed that the garbage had been tipped by a mole! The goats must somehow have conspired with this garden-variety spy to emerge at precisely the right location, at precisely the right time, to send the rubbish cascading in the direction of the goat pen. A little reaching with their go-go-gadget necks, and voila! The trash was theirs. 

Goat, garbage, spilled can. "Who, me?" (Feigns innocence.)

Fresh mole hole

That's all the news that's fit to print! 


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