Thursday, July 5, 2012

Go carefully, Little One. The way ahead is treacherous.

Arrietty has been the lucky recipient of a harness, on loan from our friend Anna Mule of New England. Anna Mule is only a smidge bigger then Arrietty, so the harness looks like it shall work nicely for FarmWife's purposes. FarmWife's purposes are to train Arrietty to wear the harness, lunge, ground drive, and progress to dragging things behind her. (You may remember that I tried the same process, and that I am a master of wearing harness, lunging, and ground driving and a terrible wimp when it comes to dragging things behind me.)
This is Arrietty being readied by her miniature pit crew. 
This is Arrietty growing tired of her grooming
routine. "It's exhausting being 
this beautiful!"

This is Arrietty modeling the harness, which looks a
bit lumpy due to the tied-up traces but which we
assure you will present an elegant picture when hitched. 

This is me counseling Arrietty on the terrible dangers she is to
face. "Go carefully, Little One. The way ahead is treacherous." 

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