Sunday, July 22, 2012

Divining for strays

FarmWife has a knack for finding lost things. So far, her tally of recent stray animal pick-ups includes seven horses, a pony, a Saint Bernard, a Pomeranian, a pitbullish mix, two cattle, a German wirehaired pointer, and a Holland lop rabbit. This week, she found an alpine goat buckling. With the way he was running up and down the road, carrying on and bleating, she figured him for a freshly-dumped bottle baby. He loved people. His horns were painted pink.

Animal control is very good here in Whatcom County. Not only do they continue to come out each time FarmWife calls, but they never complain when she phones for daily updates. This goat is doing well, with no owner claims on file yet. Shelter staff assume he'll wind up at a local goat sanctuary in Arlington, Washington.

I'll share pictures of Pinkerton (as we took to calling him) tomorrow. In the meantime, don't lose your livestock—if you do, FarmWife just might find them and turn them in!


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