Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Computer wrangling

"Never in my years as a mule blogger," I told her, "have I missed four days in a row."

"Never in my years as owner of a mule blogger," she told me, "have I had this much work to do."

"I could blog while you're at work," I told her. "You could bring the laptop out here."

"You would make the laptop dusty and hairy and probably squished," she told me.

"I could come in the office," I told her. "I could wipe my hooves on the mat."

"I would get in trouble," she told me. " Some people don't like having mules in the house."

"Then you must make time," I told her. "There must be time for your transcription work."

"I will make time," she told me. "I will always transcribe for you."

No one understands me so well as FarmWife, and no one is better suited to do the important work of putting my words onto the internet. It's a finger thing, I think.


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