Friday, July 13, 2012


Last time I wrote (nearly a month ago. Gulp! Sorry about that!), I was broker than broke and rather busy looking for work. Not much came of my active search, but do you know what? The moment I stopped looking, opportunity knocked.

It turns out that resigning myself to not finding an additional contract job was just the ticket, because I've since been recruited to perform conference programming services for my very favorite long-term contract employer and been offered an old position at a local printing shop. The latter obligation, which now occupies about 20 of my hours every week, is comfortably familiar and fits spectacularly with my busy schedule. They seem glad to have me back, and I probably don't have to tell you that I'm happy to be back on the payroll!

It's a joyful thing, self-employment, but I love a regular paycheck. This way, I get both!


  1. Glad to hear it! Love the blog :)

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  3. It's always great to find a balance between freedom and security.


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