Saturday, July 21, 2012

A one-horse town?

Wickersham's train depot, 1910. 
FarmWife heard me calling Wickersham a one horse town. "But Fenway," she asked me, "it's more of a two-mule town, isn't it?"

"Well, FarmWife, I'm half horse and Arrietty is half horse. Adds up to one." 

"What about the other halves, then? Isn't it a one horse/one donkey town?"

We put our heads together, and decided that, to the best of our knowledge, Wickersham proper—that is, Wickersham to the exclusion of Innis Creek and N.P. Roads—is a 36 dog, 18 cat, 85 chicken, two mule, two goat, two rabbit, five cow, one parakeet, three duck, one lizard town. Ours is a 19 human, 10 dog street. This is a two mule, two goat paddock. 


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