Tuesday, June 19, 2012

To my friend Judy

To my friend Judy, who wondered if Arrietty is exposed to too much food in the presence of a great robust chap like myself, Fenway Bartholomule:

Arrietty and I are both tremendously easy keepers. We share a single slender flake of wilted brown grass hay morning and evening, and we are done with it after just a few meager moments despite both eating out of slow-feeder haynets. We then go into the pasture and graze upon the barely-existant grasses until FarmWife summons us for our Aerobic Exercise, which consists of marching up and down the scenic byroads of Wickersham. (FarmWife threatens to increase Arrietty's Aerobic Exercise by obtaining for her a harness and cart).

Exercising upon a scenic byroad. (The verges around here are tantalizingly delicious,
but FarmWife makes us stay on the firm and foodless lane.)
Ears to you,

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