Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Steven Colbert and COTH dare you

The response to Steven Colbert's recent segment (linked above) promoting dressage as the official Colbert Report Sport of the Summer is largely positive with the Chronicle of the Horse bulletin board community: in appreciation of this tongue-in-cheek gesture, they've moved to order fan paraphernalia in bulk. Keep your eye out for bright jerseys, beer cozies, and foam hands at dressage shows this year! I honestly wouldn't be surprised if you see some (and I double-dog-dare you to show up with some yourself. Just don't spook the horses!). One astute COTH poster noted, "I am sure there are enough CoTH-ers to who want them to justify ordering a gross of foam hands." 

As for Rafalca, the dressage horse co-owned by Anne Romney, the road to the Olympics is open. Of course, per Steven, it's going to be a long drive to London on the top of Mitt's station wagon.

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