Thursday, June 14, 2012


Good news! One month with a perfectly normal hock means I'm approved for hand-walking exercise away from home. I practiced by going to the chapel a couple of weeks ago (<1/4 mile) and came home unscathed. Yesterday, I took my wee Arrietty down to the corner past the salmon pond (~1 mile, round trip) and home again. FarmWife intended to stop with her husband and children at the salmon pond, but the setting proved too delicious and we mules were not allowed to stay admist the delectable foliage. Pressing on, we three walked a bit further while FarmHusband and the children stayed behind to play.

Too delicious for we mules-of-ample-girth! 

More exercise, less foliage. More exercise, less foliage. No matter how often I say it, it still sounds wrong! 

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