Monday, May 21, 2012

Welcome to Western Washington

After a week of unseasonable sun we are now back to the phenomenal, awesome dreariness that characterizes our beautiful region: a deluge of rain which will serve, to look at the positive side, to keep our pastures green. FarmWife is being particularly defensive of the gate for that very reason, arguing that Arrietty is not used to our fertile river valley and that her grazing needs be restricted even on our one heavily-trafficked acre. I concede, and Arrietty and I spend part of each day in the dry lot.

Arrietty tried on her very first bridle today. The eggbutt snaffle bit, even dipped in jam, offended her slightly. She behaved very nicely for her fitting (alas, it was not captured on camera. It was cute, anyway, and the bridle and bit were perfectly suited to her size and shape). Afterwards, she promptly had not one but FOUR very satisfying rolls, doing a fine job of rubbing the memory of that restrictive headgear away. Tomorrow, FarmWife will ask her to wear it again and will describe for her some future joy: the joy of trotting merrily down the lane ahead of a jaunty meadowbrook cart.


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